T3 NS900 Review!

Today was a good day! We got 5/5 stars from T3 on our NS900. Read the more about it after the jump.



NS900 Reviews!

We have been getting a lot of really good reviews on the NS900 read them all after the jump.




Now in stock, Europe!

NS2 in stock in Apple store Europe, pick up yours today. Find a store near you after the jump. Available in Black and White.




Digital Trends on the NS2

"The NS2 are what happens when dedicated audiophiles stick to their guns and patiently jumps through Apple’s hoops for the sake of delivering a great-sounding speaker to the masses..." 




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New reseller Canvas Malibu

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New reseller Bleep

Check out our new reseller! 




New reseller Turntable Lab

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NS2 in stock at Hypebeast Store Worldwide shipping

We are happy to see that our friends at Hypebeast likes the NS2 Air Monitors so much that they started to sell it on their store. You can find the all the updates and info you need on the NS2 at the NS2 product page