NS200 Aluminum (Android)

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The NS200 Earphones with Remote and Mic will never let you down. Full of heavy beats and warmth, the NS200 provides a durable and stylish solution to everyday listening at an affordable price. An inline microphone picks up your speech in a 360-degree radius for clearer conversations. Featuring extremely durable machined aluminum housings and Kevlar-reinforced cables, this noise-isolating headset with a 3-button Android Control is ready to go wherever you are.

Sound characteristics

The dynamic speaker is designed for everyday listening. The earphones deliver a warm and rich sound throughout the entire sonic spectrum, backed by heavy bass.

Materials and design

Every part, from the strong lightweight aluminum housings and noise isolating silicone sleeves to the Kevlar reinforced cables, have been carefully designed to offer great durability.


  • What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision - 4/5

    "What the NS200 offer is a weighty, full-bodied delivery that’s full of energy and enthusiasm and free of harshness."

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  • Stuff Magazine - 4 of 5

    "..so light and comfortable they´re hardly noticeable, and call quality is very decent despite the tiny mic on the three button control unit. The delivery is good too, with plenty of detail in the mid-range and treble."

  • Touch My Apps - 4 of 5

    "Nocs, a Swedish company out of… Sweden, have left a tasty impression in my ears this winter with the NS200 headset. While not flashy, the NS200 scores with lively sound and good headset implementation that impresses this Toucher with great audio performance, and a tasty remote control."

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  • Macworld Australia - 4 of 5

    "The NS200 have a very pleasant sound for the price, and a good dynamic range with enough bass and treble to satisfy most listeners [..] The NS200 are bang on the money for comfort, style and sound."

  • Gadgetmac - 4 of 5

    "Sound is not only great on the NS200, it’s the perfect balance of clarity, richness and power that delivers your music just the way you like it."

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  • Digital Trends - 7 of 10

    "The Nocs NS200 earphones cater to a particular type of listener, those who prefer a nice, tight environment where bass is not overwhelming, but deep and present when needed."

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  • i4U - 8,5 of 10

    "The NS200 Aluminum earphones are a nice option for the users that are looking for balanced overall sound and a clean design with music phone capability."

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  • iLounge - B Recommended

    "If you’re looking for a clean, Swedish design at a reasonable price, NS200 delivers."

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  • Speaker: 8 mm dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 106 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm @ 1 kH
  • Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Cord length: 1.2 m
  • 1 year replacement warranty

Model number

  • NS200H-001, Black, version 1, June 2011
  • NS200H-002, White, version 1, June 2011


The remote and mic is compatible below Android devices, requires the latest Android software and a 3.5 mm stereo jack. Functions may vary between models.

*Volume Control available only on v2.2 - 4.0.4 due to limitations in Android Jelly Bean.

      HTC ONE X
      HTC ONE S
      HTC ONE V
      HTC Sensation XL
      HTC Sensation XE
      HTC Sensation
      HTC Incredible S
      HTC Desire S
      HTC Desire HD
      HTC Desire

      Nokia Lumia 920 (WP)
      Nokia Lumia 900 (WP)
      Nokia Lumia 800 (WP)
      Nokia Lumia 710 (WP)
      Nokia Lumia 610 (WP)

      Samsung Galaxy Note
      Samsung Galaxy Nexus
      Samsung Galaxy SII
    Samsung Galaxy SIII

Did you try the NS200 for Android with other Android devices? Let us know how it performs!

In the box

  • - NS200 Earphones
  • - Remote and Mic
  • - Extra sleeves, S/M/L
  • - User manual