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Building on the success of Monolith, which proudly boasts the Red Dot design award, Mini steps forward as a natural extension of our commitment to redefining the speaker experience. Crafted with the same care, Mini captures the essence of the Nocs Studio sound in a smaller format, offering flexibility whether you're using it solo or syncing it with others.

In the spirit of innovation, we're pleased to share that Mini features the Scan Speak drivers. This time, we've paired them with a custom tuned subwoofer breaking the mold to achieve a rich bass response within the ultra compact casing.

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materials & design

When it comes to manufacturing Mini, quality is at the forefront. The case is thoughtfully fashioned from MDF and finished with a structurally and durable paint, guaranteeing durability while maintaining acoustic integrity thanks to internal bracing.

The anodized aluminum plate that covers the passive radiator showcases a meticulously perforated pixel pattern, giving Mini a timeless look that fusions style and function.

The MDF is CNC’ed to the right geometry, and the surface is then treated with two layers of structure matt paint.

In our pursuit to provide unparalleled sound quality, we've incorporated Sorbothane damping into the base of the Mini. These pads effectively curb vibrations, ensuring a stable listening experience that's free from unnecessary movement.

We chose Scan-Speak, based in Denmark, as our local partner to deliver the highest caliber of speaker performance. Founded in 1970, Scan-Speak is renowned for its superb sound quality and high-end speaker drivers.

nocs studio sound

Each musician has a distinct vision for the listening experience, and the speaker’s job is to get out of its way. Like an artist chiseling away at a marble sculpture, we’re just revealing the true sound that was there all along.   

At Nocs Lab, audio development always begins with the musician community. The insights are invaluable in creating the right tuning, honing the experience to preserve the artistic integrity through the speaker.  

Our Nocs Labs engineers are laser-focused on the relationship between the artist and the listener, tuning drivers to perform ultimately. Premium components further empower the highest-quality sound. 

Coupled with a custom tuned subwoofer module, the Mini offers less distortion and deeper bass. 


After a few years of production in China, we made the important call to move production back to Sweden & Europe. 

Why? Our products are designed for a circular economy. In addition to the elevated quality and appearance, we’ve prioritized a modular design that can be repaired and upgraded over time. 

Speaker technology is constantly evolving, and for most products, the endless desire to upgrade means instant obsolescence for older models. Not the case with the Mini — upgrade one part at a time while the unit remains intact.

Design & engineering, tuning takes place at the Nocs Lab in Lund, Sweden. The Mini is assembled in a speaker factory based in Estonia (est 1935).

Product Specs.

Stream your tunes in Nocs Studio Sound.

Mini uses a dual full range set up paired with a custom tuned passive radiator. Next-generation audio technology, to create the finest Studio Sound experience designed for the home.

Listen to music, podcasts, movies, games and more in Nocs Studio Sound directly from your device using Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and Apple AirPlay 2 (In the works).

Smooth set up: With the Nocs app, you'll have your speaker set up in no time.

Connect up to 8 Mini to expand the system to fit your needs.

Each Mini you add offers new dimensions and reveal details you’ve never heard before.


Frequency response: Smooth from 40 Hz to 20 kHz

Two full range 3.5" drivers.

ScanSpeak DISCOVERY 10 cm Fullrange 8 ohm Small Neo Magnet, Coated Fiberglass Cone

Custom tuned subwoofer module with a passive radiator. Neodymium magnet, long stroke subwoofer driver.

3" PP. rectangle subwoofer module. Driver 3" inverted shape driver. 

Diaphragm material: PP composite with elastomer.

Case material: PP composite, braced.

NAT - Nocs amplitude tuning. Offers consistent sound on the entire amplitude range.

Multi-room playback optional with up to 8 Minis.

Class-D amplifier 110 watt and wireless stereo.

@ 1m (Maximum sound pressure level)

94 dB


Spotify Connect & Tidal Connect. Bluetooth 5.0.

AirPlay 2 (in the works).


2.4/5 GHz Simultaneous Dual Band Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth® 5.0 (AAC & SBC)

Back Panel

On/Off, Reset button. USB-service port.


270 mm x 230 mm x 106 mm

10.6 x 9 x 3.9 inch

Weight: 3.3 kg - 7.9 pounds


MDF, Anodized, Sand blasted Aluminum front & back plate. Sorbothane dampers.

Country of origin


Electrical and Environmental Requirements

Universal input 100 - 240VAC, 50-60Hz power supply

Operating temperature of 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)

Relative humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing



Angled Power cable

Nocs Mini App Compatibility

iOS 14.0 and higher



Stream your favorite music seamlessly from the cloud straight to your devices. 

Stream innovative audio formats through TIDAL HiFi Plus, including Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) & Dolby Atmos.

Switch seamlessly between devices without leaving the app. Make or receive calls without interrupting playback.



Listen on your speakers, games console, Smart TV, or many other devices, using the Spotify app as a remote. Go to http://spotify.com/connect to learn how.